Warranty and Terms of Sale Documents

  • Morse Arch_Care of SS and Warranty v1.1

    Morse Architectural Terms & Warranty

    This constitutes the entire agreement between Morse Architectural (“Morse”) and the Buyer, and it is a complete merger of all prior negotiations and agreements as to the products sold to Buyer by Morse.

Reference Documents

Handy tools and guides for your Morse products.

  •  Care and Cleaning of Stainless Steel

    Care and Cleaning of Stainless Steel

    This handbook describes various practices for cleaning stainless steel during manufacture and in use. This includes methods for removing free-iron contamination on stainless steel surfaces that may have been picked up from metalworking tools; and for removing general accumulation of dirt, grime and surface stains that occur during normal handling and exposure to the elements.

  • Tea Staining Dec 2020_Page_1

    Tea Staining of Stainless Steel

    Tea staining of stainless steels is a relatively common occurrence in coastal locations. Visually, it is a discoloration of the metal surface, which tends to follow the ‘grain’ of any surface finish. Although unpleasant to look at, it is not a serious form of corrosion, and in general does not affect the structural integrity, or longevity of the balcony. Aesthetically however tea staining is not ideal, and so the information herein is in an attempt to help identify the causes and suggest possible solutions.

  • Aluminum-Cleaning-Maintenance-Guide-Architecturally-Finished-Aluminum_Page_1

    Cleaning and Maintenance for Aluminum

    This guide outlines methods, equipment and materials applicable for cleaning architecturally finished aluminum after construction and for subsequent periodic maintenance.

  • Metric Conversion Chart

    Metric Conversion Chart

    For your convenience, this metric converter chart to assist you with the measurements of all items in the catalog.

  • Shower Door Hinges Warranty

    Shower Door Hinges Warranty

    Morse Architectural warrants that for a period of three (3) years following the date of sale to Morse Architectural customer, our shower door hinges are warranted against material defects and defects in workmanship.

Shower Installation Instructions

Handy tools and guides for your Morse products.

  • Shower Care Instructions

    Shower Care Instructions

    Morse Architectural shower enclosures will provide beauty and function for years. To prolong the life of your shower, please follow some simple guidance and maintenance instructions.

  • final-tranquility-assembly-instructions

    Tranquility Gliding Shower System Instructions

    This instruction sheet covers installation of the Tranquility Gliding Shower System

  • Tranquility Gliding Shower Door Hole Placement

    Tranquility Gliding Shower Door Hole Placement

    This instruction sheet covers hole placement of the Tranquility Gliding Shower Door

  • Harmony_Installation Instructions_2022_v1.1

    Harmony Gliding Shower Glass Installation & Fabrication Instructions

    This sheet covers the installation & glass fabrication for the Harmony Gliding Shower Door

Railing Systems Installation Instructions

  • PanelGrip® Installation Guide

    PanelGrip® Installation Guide

    The PanelGrip® System utilizes a unique locking mechanism of high-strength aluminum and PVC isolators combined with a specially designed aluminum shoe moulding.

  • Precision Lock Installation Instructions

    Precision Lock® Installation Guide

    Precision Lock® Adjustable Railing allows the installer to adjust the glass for plumb quickly and easily with no specialized tools, this product provides the best solution to the real-world installation conditions encountered at all construction sites.

  • S10-5045BS Installation Instructions v1.1_Page_1

    Stand Off Installation Guide

    The look of floating glass is the ultimate in minimalist design. Create glass railing that appears to float above the ground or in front of the base. Our full line of mounts and adapters allow you to do just that, showcasing the beauty of the glass and the view.

Extrusions Installation Instructions

Handy tools and guides for your Morse products.

  • j-molding-thumb-extrusions

    J-Bar Installation Instructions

    This instruction sheet covers installation of the Tranquility Gliding Shower System

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